With the help of deep Organic Chemistry knowledge along with state-of-the-art synthesis infrastructure, we offer synthesis services for known / unknown impurities.

We design synthetic route and process to get the desired stable impurities in sizable quantities. Organic Synthesis: We have four state of art laboratories, two for contract manufacturing and two laboratories for generic research. Our primary objective is Delivery with Safety in all research initiatives. We follow cost-effective synthesis processes and strive to render research services in time. We adopt innovative process optimization techniques to support customers.

Our expertise includes
Asymmetric synthesis, Stereoselective reactions, strong base mediated reactions, Green Chemistry, Click Chemistry, Organometallic reactions, Impurity synthesis and characterization. Expertise in Handling reagents like n-Butyl lithium, sodium metal, sodium hydride, sodium azide, sodium borohydride, borane dimethylsulfite at large scale.