Our Strengths

Chemical Research Services

The chemical research division combines science, innovation and people to help customers address their needs related to Product Development. The division has expertise in molecule synthesis from milligrams to kilo gram scale. The chemical research team serves diverse customer requirements from custom synthesis to scale-up. Customers can avail these services on a stand-alone or integrated services basis.

The Chemical research division has 33 scientists &a skilled workforce,  including 5 Ph. D's & 28 Masters in Organic Chemistry (M.Sc's).

This division is headed by a department head and has 8 research teams, each consisting of one team leader and 3 research scientists.

The scientists have research experience, post-doctoral experience from countries like US, Canada and industrial experience ranging from 2 -15 years. They have expertise in organic synthesis, custom synthesis, impurity isolation and synthesis. Further our team has expertise in handling chemistries mentioned below on a commercial scale:

• Green Chemistry
• Click Chemistry
• Asymmetric synthesis
• Chiral Resolutions
• Organometallic reactions
• Pyrophoric Reactions
• Cryogenic Reactions
• Polymorph Study
• Carbohydrate Chemistry
• Heterocyclic Chemistry
• Hydrogenations

Analytical Research Services

The Analytical Research & Development department supports all the developmental work, providing support for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Formulation Development.

The department is well equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like XRD, LCMS, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Differential scanning calorimeter, UV spectrophotometers, infra red spectrophotometer, dissolution apparatus & Particle size analyzer etc.

The Chemical research division has: 37 scientists consisting of 1 Ph. D, 31 Masters in Analytical Chemistry (M.Sc's) and 5 post graduates.

This division is headed by a department head and has 7 research teams for HPLC, GC, Classical analysis, Solid and liquid state Characterization, Stability studies, Analytical method validation and DQA.

The scientists have research experience on different analytical techniques and have specialized expertise for following:

• Expertise in analysis using sophisticated instruments like XRD, LC-MS, GC-MS,DSC, TGA etc.
• Impurity Isolation and characterization
• Polymorphism Studies
• Analytical method development of various chromatographic, spectroscopic, thermal and other classical methods.
• Analytical method validation of different chromatographic, spectral and classical methods.
• Expertise in forced degradation studies and further isolation and characterizing degradation products.
• Experience and expertise in under taking time bound projects.
• Expertise in documentation, which can directly be used for regulatory submissions.